Sample Chapters

From the World's First Book on Vegan Bodybuilding

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Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness Book

Table of Contents

About the Author & Introduction

  1. Why Vegan?
  2. Beginning Bodybuilding – How to get started in bodybuilding and achieve results
  3. How to create a successful nutrition program
  4. How to create a successful training program
  5. The most important lessons to be learned and followed in bodybuilding
  6. Where do you get your protein?
  7. Choosing the exercises that yield the best results
  8. Turning your bodybuilding success into a form of activism and outreach
  9. How to market yourself to get sponsored
  10. Supplementation – What to take and why
  11. Turning your Passion into a career
  12. Lists of vegan equipment, products, services, and supplies for bodybuilders
  13. The best of vegan living in North America – Top cities and restaurants
  14. Testimonials from those who have been inspired by Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
  15. Final thoughts from the author